People have been asking how I made my little mailer on my website (go and click on chat), so I figured I would just write it down…

Going through the process of renting your first server and setting up your first website is exciting! My first attempt at this was not ideal, I had my website frontend running off my server, as well as a little node express server that brought in . To send the mail, my front end would ping the root of this server, and send me an email…. Like so (here was my node server):

(part 2) “the goods”

SymPy works, let’s do something with it.

I’ve opened my old calculus text book and have found a classic calc 3 problem, the classic “three dimensional motion” problem, where you can infer a parametric equation for acceleration, and you integrate on through to get to a position function! check it out:

(part 1) “…hello SymPy”

This week I decided to challenge myself… to really dig deep. I wanted to write a blog post, but had no inclination towards any specific topic. So, in order to brain storm I did a “technic of ideation”, in which I write down things that I love and lo, the words “python calculus” were there on the page. “Is this even possible?” I asked myself, “sigh, maybe not today… I can’t handle a rabbit hole right now, I have things to do”. But my morbid curiosity grew and grew, and the topic called to me more…

Welcome to vim part 2

I intend this blog post to be a very basic guide on how to set up Vim on mac (if you’re on another OS the same principles will apply), as well as some very basic vocab plus things you need to understand about Vim and its functionality…(in no0B speak). So again, even if you’re on a different os you will still get a lot out of this.

In this world, there are few hills I am willing to die on…

and Vim being not only the best editor, but also one of the most powerful and multi-faceted tools for your work-flow on a computer computer is a hill that I, every time I interact with my computer, become more and more sure of…Quite simply, YES… the hype is real and I wish, someday, for you to join me on that hill.

Wait no, where are you going please come BAAAACCCCKK!!

The goal of this blog post (part 1 of 2) is not just to evangelize, proclaim

As someone who has gone through a boot-camp, and helped navigate
two friends through the process as well, your mind is probably wrought with numerous questions and anxieties. Some are probably healthy (like the excitement and curiosity about how this intense period of growth, learning and change will play out) and some not so much… This is some advice about the process I’ve been repeating over and over again so I figured I should just write it down.

1. “I’m worried that I’m not smart enough, people are gonna realize that I’m not that good at computers….”

~ You did…

Jack Callaway Sanders

A Fullstack Web Dev-arino, part time ‘cool guy’. My website is

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